The rich biological diversity of the Valley of Oaxaca makes it home to the greatest diversity of natural fibres and dyes in Mexico. Inspired by their natural and cultural heritage the Zapotec people have been weaving high quality cotton on back strap and hand weaving looms for generations. The result is that Oaxacan textiles have a level of quality and sophistication unparalleled in Latin America.

Oaxaca is home to many different indigenous groups who, for centuries, have passed down the art of textiles as a sacred practise and a means of preserving their culture and spirituality.

Casa Maria is proud to work with families from Teotitlan del Valle, a village of weaving families each with their own style, symbolism and recipes for natural dyes. All our Oaxacan textiles are made from high quality natural fibres using natural dyes and hand woven on a loom.

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