Casa Maria Glass

Casia Maria Glass

The originality, ingenuity and creativity of Mexican craftsmanship is world famous. Combining an abundance of raw material and a longstanding tradition of master craftmanship, Mexican blown glass continues to evolve and create truly unique pieces that will make your spirit to soar.

The tradition of glass blowing in Mexico started in the 1500’s and initially involved blowing onto a molten glass mass through a pipe and turning the glass with the pipe to mould it into the desired shape.
Casa Maria are proud to present some of the most elegant creations of this tradition, blending the best of Mexican craftsmanship and European design. All our pieces are original, unique and hand-crafted from recycled blown glass and forged iron.

As every piece is hand crafted we are delighted to tailor-make and custom design pieces for you. Due to the uniqueness of each creation colour and dimensions may differ slightly from pictures.

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