We offer original unique fusions of recycled blown glass and forged iron.  Our carefully selected textiles are handwoven, made from natural materials and represent a living tradition passed down for generations by indigenous Mexicans.

On a trip exploring the Yucatan, I fell in love with Fatima with whom I soon discovered a shared passion for the natural and cultural diversity of Mexico. Falling in love and touring Mexico was the most beautiful experience I had ever known. I felt I was living an intense poem, a great opera or part of a beautiful symphony. In a forest full of Monarch butterflies, I asked Fatima to marry me. When I heard Yes a joy and excitement flowed into my life that I had not known since childhood. Our love and passion for this magical land transformed into a desire to share it with others. Soon after, our daughter Maria, the namesake of our enterprise, joined us and Casa Maria was born.

We are a Mexican-Irish family who for many years, have been touring Mexico and Ireland, visiting the artistic communities and selecting unique pieces of art that represent our Pre-Hispanic and Celtic culture, history and traditions. Casa Maria works to support indigenous communities in Chiapas, Oaxaca, Tenango and Mezquitic, bringing you their living tradition, manifested in beautiful masterpieces. We work directly with the artists, offering them a platform to promote and sell their work and helping to conserve their culture. For many native people, art is a way of expressing, transmitting and conserving their spirituality. At Casa Maria we are proud to provide these indigenous communities with a space to present you with their original and outstanding masterpieces. Steeped in ancient history and untouched by the homogeny of globalisation, these pieces will bring a sense of magic, tradition and beauty to any space.