In Mexico the colour pours from the sky. That colour is everywhere : the food, the trees and most notably the heart of the people. It delights the senses and intoxicates the spirit. For 1000s of years, the people who live here have been inspired by their rich biodiversity and cultural heritage to create art that transmits and preserves their spiritual beliefs. Mexican art exudes a profound sense of ancient history and the energy of a living tradition passed down for centuries.

From the intricate jade work of the Olmec culture around 1000 BC, to the cotton and woollen textiles of the Mayans Mexico has been the setting for the great cultural and artistic florescence of Mesoamerica.

With the arrival of the Europeans in the 16th century, new techniques and materials were introduced and blended with the native craftsmanship giving birth to a unique and beautiful artistic tradition.

The colourful, lush, and expressive ceramics of Jalisco, introduced by monks, have been perfected by local craftspeople with flair and creativity. In Tonalá and Tlaquepaque, such styles as bruñido (burnished) and canelo flourish to this day. In and around Guadalajara, there exists a flourishing community of artisans: painters, glassblowers, sculptors, metalworkers, and furniture makers. In Patzcuaro, famed for its lacquerware, artistic traditions have been passed down for centuries. The crafts of this region are very attractive for three reasons: Creativity, highly skilled local craftspeople, and the abundance of relatively low cost of materials.

Casa Maria are delighted to present you with some of the masterworks of this rich creative tradition. Our collection includes original fusions of metal and recycled blown glass moulded into stunning light fixtures, elegant but durable ceramic treasures, including dinnerware and decorative vases, and traditional handmade indigenous textiles.